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Dear Mr. / Mrs,

We are ecology wooden company based in Bali, Indonesia establish since 1999 specialized in coconut wood. Through years, wide range selection of technology, high quality products, competitive price, and our friendly services bring us a path to private buyers, hotels, landscapers, building consultants and contractors, architects in Indonesia and overseas.
We would like to introduce new prospect alternative wood material for constructional, landscaping and architectural needs. We prefer coconut wood, because it is an exquisitely beautiful and strong tropical hardwood that is ecologically plantation raised. In environmental point of view, increased the used of coco wood could potentially reduce the pressure exerted on natural forests by providing alternative or complementary raw material for housing, building construction and other uses.

Benefit of using Treated coconut wood:

1. Friendly to ecology, it is plentiful and fast-growing, and they are grown on managed timberlands ( sustainable) . You can feel good about using preserved coconut wood, an environmentally responsible choice.
2. Though initial cost more expensive but in the end it still cost cheaper. Generally, treated wood will give benefit lifespan 5 to 10 times than untreated.
3. Constructional view, coco wood has proven to be comparable to conventional wood in terms of durability, sturdiness, and versatility at considerable lower cost.
4. Also its beautiful grain and attractive natural appearance can be an accent and promising material for furniture, handicrafts, or interior decorative etc.
Our prime products are: Balinese Gazebo, Wooden Umbrella, Balinese Rice Barn House, Wooden House, Doors and Windows etc. We also use rubber wood, mango wood and Bayur wood ( local Balinese hardwood) for flooring and wall board. All this wood is sustainable.
With our experience in wood material technology, we want to enlarge our market in products without leaving the “ green concept” . We are proud promoting other ecological products, Re-cycled Teak wood Homes and Furniture. We are making doors, windows and outdoor decking.
Wood is taken from decades or hundred years of renovated native wooden house, railway, barn and etc. Because it is naturally dried from decades or generations, It surely more capable of resisting splintering and warping than any new tropical wood if placed in northern or southern hemisphere with lower humidity and extreme weather.
The intent of my email is to explore the possibility of working with you and exporting products into your country. We are seriously looking for excellent business partner in overseas to find market or direct buyer for these ecology products. We believe in this era of environmental sensitivity, this kind of products will be more acceptable in global market.
For kind info,
In order to prevent decay caused by fungi or termites, we are the only company in Indonesia that use the most efficient and ecology preservatives method ( Borate-pressure treatment) . March 2006, in cooperation with our partner in Hawaii, we become the first to offer engineered, manufactured and certified coco wood homes in the USA. Major reason we can pass Hawaii State building code because we use sustainable wood.
For more details of our products and coconut wood you can visit our website in or email: swabaliku@

Kind regards,

Made Agus Mawira.
Executive Manager

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